Vagabonde Club collection #1

Join the most elite NFT community and get involved in the biggest digital art  movement. 

Our Story. 

We are curious wanderers and humble Vagabondes. We travel the meta-verse looking for the best bounties. At the moment we are currently in a fantasy realm, who knows where it will take us next. Maybe to a distant future world or one completely taken over by mutants or beasts, hope they don’t get us. Join us at the Vagabonde Club on a journey through the multiverse.




0% – social media campaign and creating the white list.
Weekly raffle and for every thousand people there’ll be Vagabondes giveaway.
10% –  10 people get share of 5eth.
25% – drop of 1 eth for 5 people(who own two or more Vagabondes) + increasing the floor price buying the lowest tokens.
40% – our vagabondes really love animals so we will donate 10eth to animal shelters.
50% – Vagabondes  are charity enthusiasts. Holders will choose and then vote on 3 charities. We will donate 5 eth to each of them.
75% – 10 random owners of more than 3 Vagabondes get 1 eth. Also we start helping other artists to make their own collectibles and launch their own collection with a % going to Vagabonde Club.
100% – Vagabondes respect the environment so we’ll give 1 Teslas away
(or eth worth).



Vagabonde #1 

Our closest big goal after selling Vagabonde #1 out is to build up a NFT collections acceleration platform. We provide full support (technical (smart contracts and generating of the collection) and marketing (dealing with influencers, fund promotions and promote collections with our community) for a percentage coming to Vagabonde Club’s pool from their actual sells. 


Vagabonde #2 

As soon as we’ve done with working on our first collection we start working on the next one. 
 1. It’ll have DAO contract so that’s how it’s roadmap will be constructed and it’ll start the future every-step-is-chosen-by-community path of our truly decentralised project. 
 2. the collection is going to be an animated one (we’re highly inspired by Invisible Friends collection).
 3. Vagabonde #2 collection is going to be fund much seriously as we’re able to collaborate with bigger influencers. Our total marketing budget of Vagabonde #1 was hardly reaching $5000, but we have already been in contact with big marketing companies and collaboration with big brands.  
4. We really hope to start collaborating with digital artists we love from all the parts of the world (not NFT artists necessarily) using our web service for that (could be small or 1/1 collections for charity or marketing purposes) 



 1. NFT Staking. (close future)
 2. IPO as an additional income for our beloved holders. (further future) 
 3. Fintech products research/development. (further future)
 4. Security technologies in cryptography research/development. (further future)



Backend Developer and Artist – Geromius
Project Manager – et.scu